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Micropigmentation Simulation Service

Hair tattooing (hair simulation) is quickly gaining popularity both nationally and internationally. We carry one of the best tools in today’s micropigmentation market with thousands of applications already successfully performed. Our patented technology has enough power to implant the color on your scalp within a few hours, rather than a single needle tapping color into the balding area and taking up to 12 hrs for a complete session.

Our process takes a fraction of that time, usually 2-4 hours to complete and finished in just one session. A second session is rarely needed. That means that you walk out the door with a brand new and long lasting hair line.

How It Works

If you are considering doing something about the missing hair on the top of your head, you’ve come to the right place. HFS (Hair Follicle Simulation) is hands down the best treatment for thinning and balding heads. Also known as scalp pigmentation, HFS refers to the process of tiny dots implanted by a specialty needle. When done by an experienced professional, this looks like real hair follicles. If you were to touch the tattooed area, it would be as smooth as if you had just shaved. This is a great option for those who like to wear the “buzz” cut. Scalp micro-pigmentation offers a stylish, modern look without any of the drawbacks of the other options.

If you have thinning hair and no bald areas, the best option would be the “shadow” effect. This would entail the scalp being colored creating a shadowed look, thus making your hair look fuller and thicker. The scalp would be colored the same color as your hair. The treatment is suitable for anyone suffering from thinning hair, balding or women with hair loss.

Am I A Candidate For Hair Pigmentation Or A Head Tattoo?

The answer is YES if any of the following are true…

  • If you have thinning hair

  • If you have bald patches

  • If you now wear a buzz cut

Hair transplants and hair replacement treatments are very expensive and can create new problems, such as unsightly blemishes or even scarring. Micropigmentation is quickly becoming one of the most sought after hair-loss solutions, because it is a less invasive method and has a shorter healing time. Our hair micropigmentation simulation tattooing services could be a wonderful alternative for your situation. Just email your photos to and we’ll review your personal situation (please include separate photos of your face, both sides, and the top of your head).

What does Hair Micropigmentation Simulation Cost?

The price for this service is determined by the scope of work needed for your personal situation. Micropigmentation on a small patch of baldness would be around $600, whereas micropigmentation of the entire head would be around $5500.

After we have received your photos, a member of our team will contact you for a preliminary phone consultation and to provide you with a dollar estimate (determined by your pictures) for the treatment.

How Long Does Micropigmentation Take?

There are typically 2 sessions. In the first session we will numb the scalp with a topical codeine designed for cosmetic procedures (45 minutes), mark the hairline and begin the initial application. (Time determined by amount of area to cover 1-2 hours typically). The second session will be a checkup session. Usually one hour is all that is needed.

How does the Healing Process Work?

There may be minimal swelling on the day following the treatment and the scalp will appear dark for the first few days. After that, the scalp will start to peel and flake and the color will appear light or hazy. Peeling lasts about a week, so you may want to wear a hat. The total healing process takes approximately 4 weeks. By then you will be ready for your second treatment if needed. DO NOT schedule your treatment just prior to important events. This is a tattoo and you will have to follow the aftercare instructions we provide you.

Click Here for Hair Micropigmentation Care Instructions (Coming Soon)

Before and After Photos:

  • View Our Pigmentation Company Policy

    The results of permanent cosmetics varies on every individual. There are methods to remove and/or alter previous work. These procedures are used to enhance your features. We have the right to refuse service to anyone for whatever reason. Disposable needles are used for each procedure. You, the client, assume all risks associated with the application of pigments inserted into the skin. We cannot guarantee the color outcome of selected pigments due to your own body’s chemistry, although every effort is made to ensure the pigment is as close as possible to the client’s desired shade. We’ll adjust the procedure with a touch up at the touch up cost. However, no refunds are issued with this process.

    You need specialty needles and pigments that are created specifically for the scalp area. The concept sounds simple and yet this is a highly specialized service and should not be attempted by a rookie or someone without an extensive background in micro-pigmentation. Head tattooing is a fine art, the right training and tools are crucial to the desired outcome.

    The color will fade some over time. Typically full color lasts 1-3 years, in some cases much longer, however there are factors that affect this. Ultraviolet exposure from the sun or tanning beds, smoking, some medications, and excessively dry skin can decrease the lifespan of the implanted pigment. We offer touch-up applications, usually at half the original cost if your pigment does fade over time.

    Many clients that have received the hair follicle replication have not experienced any kind of side effects, although some clients can feel temporary discomfort during the treatment. After the treatment, the skin may be slightly red. This will fade in just a few days. Some flaking will begin the following week. Sunscreen will protect your investment over the years.

    The cost of a full and complete scalp micropigmentation treatment with Donna ranges from $600 to $5500. Prices will vary per individual needs. Email your photos to to receive your personal quote. We are proud to offer a service that provides a realistic hassle free treatment allowing you to get on with your life in confidence.

    Grand Aesthetics offers people with hair loss a 2nd chance to look better and feel confident. With the newest technology available, HFS-Hair Follicle Simulation (scalp micro-pigmentation) will provides a realistic hassle free treatment allowing you to get on with your life without worry and embarrassment.

    The Oron 60 technique was created to give the illusion of hair follicle replication without having to go under the knife for an expensive, risky and invasive surgery. The inventor of the Oron struggled with his own hair loss. He now trains technicians around the world to use his finely tuned machine with consistency and accuracy.

If you have any questions regarding our hair simulation services or if you would like to schedule an appointment, please contact us at 503-421-1093 today.

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